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Works of "Currently on view"

Works of "Currently on view"
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Andreas Feininger
Gerard de Lairesse
ca. 1675
Akasaka, Inn with Serving-Maids (Akasaka, ryosha shofu no zu)
Utagawa Hiroshige/Ando Hiroshige (歌川 広重/安藤 広重)
c. 1833-1834
Altar Table with Food Stuffs
Unidentified Artist
15th-17th century, probably 16th century
The Assumption of the Virgin
Paolo Veronese
c. 1548
Gerard de Lairesse
ca. 1675
Bench and Table
Scott Burton
designed 1988, realized 1991
Board Room of the Admiralty
Thomas Rowlandson
Cake Tray
Christian Neureuther (designer)
Cigar Store
Nathan Lerner
Commercial Street, Canton
Afong Lai
c. 1860s
Design for a Ceiling
Daniel Gran
Dust Pan (for Joanna)
H. C. (Horace Clifford) Westermann
c. 1966-1969
Elevator Enclosure Screen
Louis H. Sullivan
c. 1894
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